Impact on Western Europe of Reduced PVC Supplies from Mexico

The April 20, 2016 blast at the Petroquimica Mexicana de Vinilo plant at Coatzacoalcos, Mexico is expected to reduce Mexico’s exports of PVC, which go mainly to Western Europe.

In 2015, Mexico exported 304,000 tons of uncompounded PVC, about 60% of which went to various locations within Western Europe; 15% to Latin American markets; 5% to the US.

Western Europe imported a total of 450,000 tons of PVC from all regions in 2015, up 2% from 2014. Latin America was the largest volume regional supplier, with 185,000 tons, down 12%, nearly all of which was from Mexico. PVC from Eastern Europe totaled 184,000 tons, up 5%, supplied mainly from Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Western Europe also imported 50,000 tons from North America, up 53%, and 11,000 tons from Asia-Pacific, also up 53%.

Western Europe’s exports to other regions were much larger than its imports from abroad. During 2015, exports totaled 1.3 million tons, down 16%. Top regional destinations were: Eastern Europe, 809,000 tons, Asia-Pacific, 137,000 tons; Africa, 180,000 tons; and Middle East, 98,000 tons.

The shortfall in supply from Latin America is expected to lower exports from Western Europe, and, possibly, to draw in increased volumes from North America.

From: International Trader Publications’ PVC World Trade Report. For a free trial contact: