Iran Increases Exports of Polymers in 2019

Exports out of Iran, visible from trading partner imports, were up 23% for ethylene polymers in 2019, 28% for styrenic polymers, and 5% for vinyl polymers. Exports of propylene polymers fell.

Although statistics from Iran are not available for most of the year, statistics reported by trading partners show imports of ethylene polymers from country of origin Iran totaling 2.9 million tons, up 23%. China, Turkey and Azerbaijan were top import markets, with smaller volumes entering Spain, Italy, Belgium and several other countries.

Exports of styrenic polymers from Iran visible from trading partner imports were 181,000 tons, up 28%, with China, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and Italy among the top importing countries.

Exports of vinyl polymers of 46,000 tons rose 5%, Azerbaijan and Turkey the top destinations. Exports of propylene polymers were down 39%, to 60,500 tons.

From International Trader Publication’s World Trade Reports on all polymer grades made from ethylene, propylene, styrene and VCM.