ITP’s Yearend 2012 Projections Show Large Percentage Increases on Polyolefin Imports into Western and Eastern Europe

Western Europe’s imports of LLDPE from the Middle East are projected by ITP to show an 18% increase by yearend 2012 versus 2011. Imports of polypropylene are projected to be up 30%.

Western Europe’s HDPE imports from the Middle East, however, are projected to increase only 2%.

Gains projected on Eastern Europe’s imports in 2012 from the Middle East are: 11% for LLDPE, 37% for HDPE and 19% for polypropylene.

Asia-Pacific, the Middle East’s largest export destination, is projected to see imports from that source increase 6% for LLDPE, 21% for HDPE and 20% for polypropylene.

Also of note are Middle East exports of propylene copolymers. Although much lower volumes than homopolymer, Middle East copolymer exports have been growing at substantially higher rates, with shipments to Western and Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific  projected to show gains ranging from 42% to 96% in 2012.