Polycarbonates, SAN and EVA are Projected by ITP to Show Highest Gains in Global Trade Volume in 2012

Global trade in polycarbonates, which reflects global demand, is projected by ITP to be up 13% in 2012 from 2011. SAN trade volume is projected to be up 10%; EVA trade volume, up 8%.

Only small gains in global trade volume are projected for polyacetals, up 2%, and PET, up 4%. A decline of 4% is projected for ABS.

Many factors enter into the 13% increase in global trade volume in polycarbonates, including: gains of 4% each on intra-regional trade in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific; much higher imports, up over 40%, into Western Europe and, especially, the much larger market of Asia-Pacific;  increases of about 15% each on  imports into Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Polycarbonates exports from the Middle East are projected to be up over 300% in 2012.