LLDPE: Current Global Trade Trends

The volume of LLDPE polymer traded globally, 3.7 million tons, was unchanged through May 2015 from the prior year, based on reporting countries.  Among the top exporting regions, shipments from the Middle East and Western Europe were down slightly; exports from North America were sharply lower.

The Middle East exported 879,000 tons of LLDPE through May, down 1%. Of the total, 575,000 tons, down 4%, went to Asia-Pacific. This decline, and also lower volumes to Western Europe, were partly offset by large percentage increases on the region’s exports to Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Western Europe exported 210,000 tons through May, down 2% on slightly lower shipments to Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific. Exports to Latin America posted a big percentage gain, although volumes were small.

Exports from North America were down 17% through May, to 353,000 tons. The decline reflected a small reduction in shipments to Latin America plus substantially lower volumes to Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Imports into Latin America from all sources were up 10% through May, to 326,000 tons. Imports increased from Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Western Europe but fell slightly from North America. Growth import markets in the region included: Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

From ITP’s: LLDPE World Trade Report