LNG Global Trade up 11% Through July

The volume of liquefied natural gas traded globally through July 2017 exceeded 150 million tons, up 11% from last year, based on latest available trade statistics.

Prominent regional trends included: a strong expansion of trade within the Asia-Pacific region and also increased imports from sources outside the region; surging North American (US) exports; little to no growth in Middle East exports but a jump in imports into that region.

In Asia-Pacific, leading growth markets for imports (all sources) were: Pakistan, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Leading growth import markets in other regions included:  Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Chile, Jordan and Kuwait.

Exporters with the highest gains on shipments YTD: Russia, United States, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Australia, Papua New Guinea.

From International Trader Publications’ LNG World Trade Report – a continuously updated online analysis of trade flows between countries and regions, based on import/export statistics from over 40 countries.