LNG Imports into Western Europe Projected Up 75% in 2019 from 2018

Western Europe will import 63 million tons of LNG by year end 2019, based on projections from latest available statistics. Volumes from Eastern Europe and North America are expected to quadruple; supplies from other regions to rise 22 – 36%.

The Middle East (Qatar) will remain the region’s largest LNG supplier with 19 million tons, up 36%. Eastern Europe follows (mainly Russia) with 15.9 million tons, up 310%. Africa comes next, (Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria and others) with 14.6 million tons, up 25%.

A 297% increase, to 8.3 million tons, is projected on LNG from North America. Additional United States capacity for LNG, planned for early 2020, will likely add to the total.

Latin America (Trinidad and Peru) supplied Western Europe with 5 million tons of LNG, up 22%.

Written by Jean J. Sudol. Data from International Trader Publications’ LNG World Trade Report, continuously updated online analysis of global LNG trade.