North America’s Trade in PE Film and Sheet

North America is a relatively small exporter and importer of PE film and sheet, compared with Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

In 2016, North America exported 233,000 of PE film and sheet, nearly 70% of which went to Latin America. By comparison, Western Europe exported 670,000 tons that year, 60% of which went to Eastern Europe, the remaining 260,000 tons going to Africa, the Americas, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific exported 308,000 tons, with the highest volume going to North America and sizeable volumes also shipped to each of the other world regions.

North America’s imports of PE film and sheet were 178,000 tons in 2016. Asia-Pacific supplied 92,000 tons; Western Europe, 50,000 tons, the remaining 36,000 tons coming from Latin America and the Middle East.  By comparison, Western Europe imported 552,000 tons, of which Eastern Europe provided 292,000 tons, the Middle East 117,000 tons, Asia-Pacific 71,000 tons, with smaller volumes from Africa and the Americas.

As of May 2017, North America’s exports and imports are each up about 5%.

From International Trader Publications’: Polyethylene Film and Sheet World Trade Report