Recent Trends in Trade in PE Bags and Sacks

The volume of polyethylene bags and sacks (also includes cones) traded globally in 2016 was nearly 4 million tons, up 4% from the prior year. Trade volume through May is up 7%.

There are several major flows that characterize global trade in PE bags and sacks: exports from Asia-Pacific to North America and Western Europe; exports from Eastern Europe to Western Europe; and, trade within the regions of Asia-Pacific and Western Europe.

North America exported only 90,000 tons of PE bags and sacks in 2016, of which 74,000 tons went to Latin America. By comparison, Asia-Pacific exported 59,000 to Latin America, 662,000 tons to North America, and 458,000 tons to Western Europe.

North America imported 711,000 tons of PE bags and sacks in 2016, up 6%.

The startup of new polymer facilities in the US gives US processors an advantage that could be used to displace imports and to reach new markets.

From International Trader Publications’: Polyethylene Bags, Sacks and Cones World Trade Report.