Overview of Thailand’s Commodity Polymer Trade July 2018 YTD

There was a strong upward trend in Thailand’s exports of commodity polymers through most of the first seven months of the year. Imports of virgin commodity polymers were up slightly; imports of recycle polymers soared.

Through July 2018 Thailand exported 3.1 million tons of commodity polymers, up 18%, and imported 756,000 tons, up 3%.

Exports of ethylene polymers were 1.6 million tons, up 11%; propylene polymers, 661,000 tons, up 32%. Exports of styrenic polymers, up 48%, PVC, down 1% and PET, up 24%, were each between 250,000 – 290,000 tons. Thailand’s exports were primarily within the Asia-Pacific region although noting sizable volumes of polyolefins to Africa and PET to North America.

Thailand imported 284,000 tons of ethylene polymers July YTD, up 4%, sourced mainly from within the region and also the Middle East. Imports of propylene polymers were 143,000 tons, down 15%.

Thailand’s imports of recycle polymers trended to new highs from late last year through May 2018. Volumes dropped sharply in June, then picked up again in July. Over the seven month period recycle polymer imports totaled 385,000 tons, up 522%. Most of this was R-PE and R-PET from within the Asia-Pacific region and also from North America and Western Europe.

From International Trader Publications “Thailand Polymer Trade Report”.