Polypropylene – Major Trade Trends in 2014

ITP’s analysis of global trade indicates a 3% increase in the volume of polypropylene homopolymer traded in 2014 versus 2013, to 16.5 million tons. Trends in global trade volume generally indicate trends in global demand.

Major trends in 2014 included a 13% jump in imports into Asia-Pacific, the gain due almost entirely to higher volumes from the Middle East. Imports into Eastern Europe rose 9% on a small gain from Western Europe, a 10% increase from the Middle East and a 46% rise on smaller volumes from Asia-Pacific. Imports into other regions showed mixed trends: Western Europe, down 2%; Latin America, up 2%; Africa, up 7%.

On the export side, shipments from the Middle East increased 10% on gains to all regional markets except Western Europe. Western Europe’s exports rose 1%; North America’s fell 7%; Asia-Pacific’s rose 12% on gains to all regional markets except the Middle East.