Propylene Polymer Imports into Eastern Europe Up by 1 Million tons From 2015

Imports of polypropylene, propylene copolymers and polyisobutylene into the geographic region of Eastern Europe increased from 3.3 million tons in 2015 to 4.3 million tons projected for 2021.

Western Europe supplied 54% of the total in 2015 and is projected to supply 50%, a volume of 2.1 million tons, in 2021. Imports from the Middle East were 27% of the total in both 2015 and 2021, the volume in 2021 projected at 1.2 million tons. Imports from Asia-Pacific rose from 12% of the 2015 total to 16% projected for 2021, to 673,000 tons.

Grupa Azoty’s Polimery Police complex was 71.55% complete by August 27th, 2021 according to company reports. The complex will bring on stream 437,000 tons of polypropylene and is expected to significantly impact imports into the region.

From International Trader Publication’s World Trade Analyses of PP homopolymer, copolymers and PIB, and ITP’s new Archive of trade history.