Recent Trends in Polyethylene Film and Sheet Global Trade

Global trade in PE film/sheet was nearly 5 million tons in 2016, up 7% from the prior year.  Trade volume through July 2017 was up 6%. Trade within the regions of Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, and also shipments between Western and Eastern Europe, are prominent trade patterns for PE film and sheet.

Trade between Western European countries accounted for 1.5 million tons of total global trade volume in 2016. Intra-regional trade in Asia-Pacific was another 770,000 tons; within North America (US and Canada), 335,000 tons.

Western Europe exported 400,000 tons to Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe exported 300,000 tons to Western Europe.

Asia-Pacific exported a total of 300,000 tons abroad, North America and Europe leading volume destinations. The Middle East exported 200,000 tons, of which 150,000 tons went to Europe.

The 6% increase in global trade volume through July 2017 mainly reflected expanded intra-regional trade in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America and also higher trade between Western and Eastern Europe.

From International Trader Publications’ Polyethylene Film and Sheet World Trade Report – a continuously updated online analysis of trade flows between countries and regions, based on latest import/export statistics from 50 countries.