LNG Global Trade Up 11%

Several major trade flows contributed to the 11% increase in the volume of LNG traded globally August 2017 YTD versus the same period last year.

Asia-Pacific intra-regional trade plus imports totaled over 130 million tons, up 16% through August, based on earliest available, preliminary data. This accounted for three-quarters of the world’s volume of 170 million tons.   Western European intra-regional trade plus imports was another 18 million tons, up 4%.

Several other regional flows were prominent. North America’s exports jumped over 600%, to 8 million tons, on increased shipments to all regions. The largest volumes were exported to Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

Exports from Africa were up 20%, to 17 million tons, the increase mainly due to gains to Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.

Middle East exports slipped 4%, to 53 million tons, on lower volumes to Western and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

From International Trader Publications’: LNG World Trade Report – continuously updated online analysis of trade flows between countries and region, based on import/export statistics from 50 countries.