Sharp Rise in Polycarbonate Film and Sheet Global Trade Projected for 2020, up 22%

Many countries reported record high imports of PC film and sheet from the second quarter of the year, on strong demand for personal protection equipment.

By yearend 2020, PC film and sheet trade volume is projected to exceed 321,000 tons, up 22% from 264,000 tons in 2019.

PC film and sheet is projected to show the highest percentage increase for 2020 versus film and sheet from: PMMA, up 10%; PE, PP and PET, up 2% – 4%; and PVC and PS, down 2% – 3%.

Imports shot to record heights in, among many other countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and US.

Several countries reported record exports, including: China, India, Russia, South Korea and Turkey. Russia’s exports through August are shown below:

North America and Western Europe are projected to account for the highest import volumes as well as the highest percentage changes.

PC Film and Sheet Imports by Region in 2020:

From International Trader Publications’ Polycarbonates Film and Sheet World Trade Report, a continuously updated analysis of PC film and sheet trade, based on statistics from the 100 countries in ITP’s database.