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Trends in China’s Trade in Commodity Polymers in 2023

China’s imports of commodity polymers as a total of all grades of PE, PP, styrenics, PVC and PET, declined for the third year in a row, a loss of nearly 10 million tons of volume over the 2020-2023 period. Exports of the combined total climbed for the third year in a row, increasing by nearly 7 million tons. Shipments of manufactured products identifiable as plastic showed a small gain of 0.7 million tons in 2023, rising to 16.7 million tons.

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China’s Exports of Fabricated Plastic Products Lose Momentum in May 2020

While China’s imports of PE, PP and PVC hit new highs in May, China’s exports of key fabricated plastic products were flat at April levels. Slowing demand in the US was a factor for a number of products.

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