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Reduced Polypropylene Exports from the Middle East Shift Global Trade Flows

Middle East exports of polypropylene homopolymer have been down since February 2013, with lower shipments to Asia-Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe and Africa. Other trends evident in the first half of the year were expanded trade within the Asia-Pacific region and substantially higher imports into Eastern Europe from other regions.  Continue reading

Polycarbonates, SAN and EVA are Projected by ITP to Show Highest Gains in Global Trade Volume in 2012

Global trade in polycarbonates, which reflects global demand, is projected by ITP to be up 13% in 2012 from 2011. SAN trade volume is projected to be up 10%; EVA trade volume, up 8%. Continue reading

Mixed Trends for Polyolefins Trade in 2011

Trends in global polyolefins trade volume in 2011 were mixed: up 3%-5% for LDPE, HDPE, polypropylene and propylene copolymers; up 14% for ethylene copolymers; and down 1% for LLDPE and 3% for EVA. Continue reading