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Trends in Polyolefin Polymer Trade in Western Europe in 2023

Polyolefin polymer demand in Western Europe in 2023 is measurable in part from the region’s intra-regional trade, its imports from other regions, and its exports to other regions. Lower intra-regional trade and lower imports indicate a drop in demand from one year to the next. These were evident in 2023 versus 2022 for LDPE, linear PE, HDPE, and PP homopolymer. Lower polymer demand in a region is also usually associated with an increase in a region’s exports, if conditions make this possible. Western Europe’s exports of HDPE did increase in 2023, but shipments of other polymers were constrained by low demand in other regions and surging exports from North America.

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Export volumes of Key US Petrochemical and Gas Products to China Have Risen Sharply Under the Phase I Trade Deal

US exports through August 2020 of a number of polymers, liquefied gases and organic chemicals showed huge percentage increases versus the same period in 2019.

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