US Imports of Propylene Polymers Reached a New High in June 2021. Exports Continued Low. Prices Soared.

The US imported 373,000 tons of PP homopolymer, copolymer and PIB through June 2021, up 70% from the same period in 2020. Exports over the period were 923,000 tons, down 8%.

Tight supplies and strong demand were reflected in rising US imports of propylene polymers over the last several months. Imports of PP homopolymer totaled 163,000 tons through June 2021, up 93%; propylene copolymer was 156,000 tons, up 86%; PIB, 28,000 tons, up 7%. (Imports of PP film and sheet also set a record in June.)

The average price of homopolymer was $2169 in June; copolymer was $2086, both at new highs.

South Korea was the leading supplier to the US but with smaller volumes coming from many wide-spread sources:

From International Trader Publications’ US Polymer Trade Report, a monthly update on US trade in all commodity and recyclable polymers and fabricated plastic products.