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Contrasts Between Iran and United Arab Emirates Exports of Polyethylene

Iran and UAE do not publish timely trade statistics, but, their exports are visible in large part from trading partner import statistics. For Iran, these show a drop in polyethylene exports through August 2020 and dependence on a limited number of markets; for UAE, these show export growth and a broader range of markets.

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Iran exports huge volumes of several polymers and chemicals; imports of numerous products also large

Iran is among the world’s top exporters of ethylene glycol, methanol, para-xylene, LDPE, HDPE, polypropylene and styrene.  Continue reading

LDPE World Trade Volume up 7% in First Quarter of 2014; LLDPE up 3%; HDPE up 6%

Nearly 3 million tons of LDPE were traded globally in the first quarter of 2014, up 7% from last year’s first quarter. Global trade volume for LLDPE was over 2 million tons, up 3%; for HDPE, over 4 million tons, up 6%. Continue reading