Trends in Asia-Pacific Trade in Butadiene in 2018

Lower imports into Asia-Pacific’s two top markets, Korea and China, were reflected in the region’s trade in 2018. Imports from other regions were down and intra-regional trade volume was flat with the prior year.

Asia-Pacific intra-regional trade was steady at 784,000 tons, unchanged. Imports from other regions, primarily Western Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, fell 11%, to 469,000 tons, based on latest available data.

Korea was the region’s largest import market, bringing in a total from all sources of 420,000 tons down 1% from 2017. Imports fell off sharply in December to 20,000 tons, the average price dropping to $1158/ton. (Volume rose to 44,000 tons in January 2019, then eased in February, to 33,000 tons. The average price steadied in February at the December value of $1158/ton.)

Korea’s imports from several regional suppliers and also top supplier, Brazil, were down; imports from Netherlands, Belgium and Saudi Arabia, among other, increased.

China was the Asia-Pacific region’s second largest importer of butadiene, with 320,000 tons in 2018, down 18%. Top suppliers included Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan and Indonesia, imports from all of which declined in 2018.

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