Trends in Western Europe’s Propylene Monomer Trade

Highlights of Western Europe’s trade in propylene monomer through July 2016 were: lower intra-regional trade; higher imports; and, sharply higher exports.

Intra-regional trade was down 13% through July, 2016, to 950,000 tons, based on preliminary data for the period.

Western Europe imported 117,000 tons of monomer, up 27%, mainly from Eastern Europe.

Over the same period, Western Europe exported even more propylene monomer than it imported, 138,000 tons, up 162%. This was shipped to: Eastern Europe, 78,000 tons; Africa, 19,000 tons; Latin America, 37,000 tons; Asia-Pacific, 6,000 tons.

From: International Trader Publications’ Propylene World Trade Report. For more information contact