US Exports More LDPE and LLDPE, Less HDPE in 1st Qtr

US exports of LDPE and LLDPE were up substantially in the first quarter of 2012 versus 1Qtr 2011, but HDPE shipments dropped. Higher volumes went to Mexico and Venezuela; exports to Brazil fell; China and other markets were mixed.

US exported 168 K tons of LDPE through March 2012, up 16%, 149 K tons of LLDPE, up 8% and 401 K tons of HDPE, down 13%. Mexico was a large volume and growth export destination for all the polymers. Smaller volume exports to Venezuela showed large percentage gains versus the prior year.  Exports to Brazil of LDPE fell slightly but exports of LLDPE and HDPE were much lower. US exports of LDPE to other Latin American markets generally increased but trends in exports of LLDPE and HDPE were mixed.

US exports of HDPE to China were up 12%; exports of  LLDPE were unchanged;  exports of LDPE dropped 32%.

[important]This information is from ITP’s monthly newsletter on global trade, The Polyethylene Trader, available by subscription monthly or quarterly.[/important]