US Exports of Ethylene Glycol Trending Higher

The United States exported 255,000 tons of monoethylene glycol through April 2019, up 25% from the same period in the prior year. Lower volumes to top destination, Mexico, and a sharp drop in shipments to China, were more than offset by gains to Europe, Brazil and elsewhere.

US exports of MEG have been trending higher for several months despite a drop of 18%, to 81,000 tons, in exports to Mexico, and a 71% decline in shipments to China, to 11,000 tons.

Belgium was the second largest US export destination through April, with 63,000 tons, up 266%. There were also large percentage gains on smaller volumes to Brazil, Turkey, Korea, UK and Germany.

Average prices trended lower, falling to $584/ton in April.

From International Trader Publications, MEG World Trade Report, a continuously updated analysis of trade flows between countries and regions.