US Exports of HDPE Hit New High

US exports of HDPE have trended higher through most of 2018, with volume of 2.1 million tons through October up 21% from the same period in 2017. A record 259,000 tons were shipped in the month of October.

Shipments increased to every region except the Middle East, with the largest percentage gains on exports to Western Europe and Asia Pacific.

Exports to China were 304,000 tons of the 505,000 tons the US shipped to Asia-Pacific.

China imposed a 25% duty on imports of HDPE from the US on August 23rd. US exports to China peaked in June at 56,000 tons, then declined to 10,000 tons in September and 14,000 tons in October. A continuation of the trade war would pressure the US to find other destinations to replace China.

Developed from International Trader Publications’ US Polymer Trade Report.