US Exports of Linear and High Density Polyethylene Picked up in May 2021, from Their April Lowest Level in Over Two Years.

Belgium, Brazil, Mexico and China were among the top five destinations. Average prices continued their upward climb.

The beginnings of a recovery from February freeze’s effect on production and exports was evident in May for LLDPE, as ethylene alpha olefins copolymers. Shipments for the month rose to 299,000 tons, up from a low of 259,000 tons in April. The average price gained $141/ton, rising to $1388/ton in May. YTD, exports totaling 1.6 million tons were off 12% from the same period in the prior year.

Exports of HDPE also showed a small gain, of 15,000 tons, to 230,000 tons in May. The average price gained $72/ton, rising to $1623/ton in May. Volume YTD totaled 1.4 million tons, down 20%.

From International Trader Publlications’ United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly analysis of latest US imports/exports of ethylene, propylene, styrenic, vinyl and PET polymers, recyclable polymers and key fabricated plastic products.