US Exports of LNG up 358%

The US exported 9.1 million tons of LNG through August 2017, up 358% from the same period in 2016. There were exports to many new markets, plus higher shipments to some of the same markets as in 2016.

US exports have trended strongly upward since late 2016. Much higher volumes, totaling just under 4 million tons, were exported to Mexico, Jordan, Portugal, Kuwait and UAE as of August 2017.  This was ten times higher than what had been exported to those markets as of August 2016 YTD.

There were nearly twice as many countries to which the US shipped LNG as of August 2017 versus 2016. New destinations included Korea, China, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Pakistan, Poland and Lithuania.

From International Trader Publications’ LNG World Trade Report – continuously updated on line analysis of trade flows between countries and regions based on global trade statistics.