US Exports of Polyethylene and PVC Both Soared to New Highs in January 2023

US exports, very strong in the fourth quarter of 2022, set new records in January, 2023.

The addition of new capacity, weak domestic demand, destocking and the resolution of supply chain issues have resulted in a surge in US exports:

The US exported 1.1 million tons of ethylene polymers in January 2023, up 34% from the same month in 2022. Exports to China were 203,000 tons of the total, up 262% from last January. Other high growth export destinations included Brazil, Malaysia and India.

Exports of PVC were 352,000 tons, up 84% from the previous January. There were very large percentage gains on exports to top destinations India and China, as well as to many smaller volume destinations.

From The United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly analysis of US imports/exports of all polymer grades of ethylene, propylene, styrene, PVC and PET, recyclable polymers and leading fabricated plastic products.