US Polyethylene Exports Soar to China in May and June 2020

China has been the top US export destination for polyethylene since May, 2020.

US shipments hit a new record high in June. Year to date, the United States exported a total of 5.8 million tons of polyethylene, up 23% from the first half of 2019. Exports of HDPE, ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers and other linear polyethylene were up by 24% – 43%. Exports of LDPE and EVA, however, were down by 9% and 3%, respectively.

As of May, China surpassed both Mexico and Belgium to become the top US export destination.

Year to date, US exports of polyethylene to Mexico totaled 690,000 tons, up 1%; to China, 594,000 tons, up 62%; to Belgium, 515,000 tons, up 5%.

From International Trader Publications’ United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly analysis of US trade in all polymers of ethylene, propylene, styrene, VCM and PET, recycle polymers and fabricated plastic products.