US Propylene Exports Set New Record

United States exports of propylene hit 61,000 tons in June, 2017, at an average price of $813/ton. Shipments YTD were up 31% from the same period in 2016.

Four markets accounted for nearly all of the US export total through June of 256,000 tons: Mexico, Colombia and, with substantially smaller volumes, Belgium and Taiwan.

The amount of propylene traded globally through June was over 3.8 million tons, up 6%.

In addition to increased exports from North America, prominent trends in the first half of 2017 included: a 67% increase in imports into Western Europe, noting higher volumes from North America, Latin America and Middle East and a minor decline from Eastern Europe; and, expanded trade within the Asia-Pacific region, a 48% increase in imports into China to date, to 1.1 million tons, pulling in monomer from Korea, Japan, Singapore and other sources.

From International Trader Publication’s: The Propylene World Trade Report – a continuously updated online analysis of trade flows between countries and regions, based on the latest import/export statistics from¬†50 countries.