Weak P-Xylene Demand in Western Europe Evidenced by Reduced Intra-regional Trade; Low Imports; High Exports

Continued weak demand for p-xylene in Western Europe was apparent from the 37% drop in the region’s intra-regional trade, the 23% drop in imports, and the 72% increase in exports through September 2014, based on reporting countries.  

P-xylene imports from Eastern Europe, the region’s top supplier, were down 29% September YTD, to 110,000 tons. There was, however, a 28% increase on imports from the Middle East, which totaled 44,000 tons and were sourced entirely from Israel.

Western Europe exported over 360,000 tons of p-xylene through the period, about half of which was shipped to Asia-Pacific, volume up more than double from last year.

From ITP’s P-Xylene World Trade Survey –  a continuously updated view of current trade flows.