Monthly Archives: September 2017

Recent Trends in Polyethylene Film and Sheet Global Trade

Global trade in PE film/sheet was nearly 5 million tons in 2016, up 7% from the prior year.  Trade volume through July 2017 was up 6%. Trade within the regions of Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, and also shipments between Western and Eastern Europe, are prominent trade patterns for PE film and sheet.

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LNG Global Trade up 11% Through July

The volume of liquefied natural gas traded globally through July 2017 exceeded 150 million tons, up 11% from last year, based on latest available trade statistics.

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US Cyclohexane Exports up 52% Through June, Mainly on Western European Shipments

The United States exported 118,500 tons of cyclohexane through June 2017, up 52% from the same period in 2016. Shipments hit a new monthly high of 35,000 tons in May, but slowed to 8300 tons in June.

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