Monthly Archives: December 2022

Understanding Global Trade in Recyclable PE, Styrenics and PVC

Between 2017 and 2022 the volume of global trade for these materials fell. The two main components of global trade, intra-regional trade plus exports to other regions also dropped, although with important differences by region.

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Global Trends in Recyclable Polyethylene

The volume of recyclable polyethylene traded globally declined from 2016-2019 but then gradually climbed and is projected to reach 3.2 million tons for 2022. Expanded trade within the Western European region plus rising imports into Eastern Europe from other regions were among the key factors.

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ITP Projects China’s Imports of Polyolefins Down Substantially in 2022; Smaller Volume Exports are Projected Up, Especially for Polyethylene.

Weak demand in China as a result of stringent Covid restrictions was reflected in lower imports of polyolefins into China, and higher exports out of China, in each of the last two years.

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