Butadiene Exports from Europe Up Sharply, United States and Mexico Top Destinations

Western Europe exported well over 200,000 tons of butadiene through June 2016, up 60% from the prior year. The United States, Mexico, South Korea and China were leading destinations, followed by Poland and Czech Republic.

Exports to the United States were 74,000 tons through June, up 69%, supplied mainly by Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Portugal and France. An additional 4,000 tons was received in July.

Western Europe’s exports of butadiene June YTD to other major destinations were: Mexico, 43,000 tons; South Korea, 32,000 tons; China, 17,000 tons; Czech Republic, 21,000 tons; and Poland, 16,000 tons.

From International Trader Publications’ Butadiene World Trade Report. For more information contact ITP@ITPweb.com