China’s Polymer Imports Climb at Yearend

China’s imports of virgin polyolefins picked up in November, with further gains likely in December.Imports of polyethylene and polypropylene climbed in November after a seasonally slow October. Year to date through November, China’s imports of all ethylene polymers were up 8% from the prior year, with much higher percentage gains on HDPE and EVA. ¬†China’s imports of ¬†all propylene polymers were up 7%, with propylene copolymers up 20%.

November was a notable month for China’s exports of PET, which hit a record high.

China’s imports of scrap and waste polymer surged during the month, also to an all time high.

Exports of fabricated products eased slightly for the second month in a row.

December 2012 figures for China’s polymer trade are expected approximately January 22nd and will be published in ITP’s yearend edition of The China Polymer Trade Report.