Global Trade in Propylene Glycol up Slightly; Asia-Pacific Exports Rise to Several Markets

The volume of propylene glycol traded globally showed a 1% rise through August 2016, to over 600,000 tons, based on earliest available data.

Asia-Pacific exported over 80,000 tons of propylene glycol to other regions through that period, up 28% mainly on gains to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With propylene glycol exports of 92,000 tons through August, up 17%, China was the largest propylene glycol exporter in the region. China’s top growth export destinations within the region were India, Japan and Taiwan; growth markets outside Asia-Pacific were Russia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and South Africa.

chinaexportspgqChina’s exports have been high since December of 2015; average prices have hovered around the $1000/ton mark since June of 2016.

chinaexportspgvFrom International Trader Publications’ Propylene Glycol World Trade Report. For more information: