Recent trends in Algeria’s Trade

Algeria is a sizable importer of all of the major commodity polymers. Algeria exports methanol and small volumes of benzene.

Through September 2015, Algeria imported 175,000 tons of HDPE, 86,000 tons of L/LLDPE, 138,000 tons of PET, 52,000 tons of polypropylene, 96,000 tons of PVC and 10,000 to 20,000 tons each of general purpose polystyrene, expandable polystyrene and propylene copolymers. Leading suppliers of most of these polymers were in the Middle East except for PVC (the US), and polystyrene (Europe and Asia). The highest growth rates versus the same period in 2014 were on imports into Algeria of HDPE, up 44%, PVC, up 26%, and PET, up 22%.

Algeria exported 93,000 tons of methanol through September, up 23%, mainly to Europe. Exports of benzene were 22,000 tons.

From: International Trader Publications’ World Trade Reports