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Expansion in Iran’s Exports of Liquefied Gases and Chemicals

Iran is a major exporter of liquefied gases and chemicals and the country’s shipments of these products have risen dramatically over the last five years.

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Western Europe Exports to Russia More of Most Major Polymers than it Imports from Russia, with the Exception of Polypropylene.

Western Europe’s polymer trade with Russia, particularly in polyolefins, styrenic polymers and PVC, will be impacted by sanctions and broken supply chains from the war in Ukraine.

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China’s Commodity Polymer Trade Rebounds

March 2016 statistics show a rebound in China’s imports of both virgin and recycle commodity polymers. China’s exports of commodity polymers hit a record high.

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Polystyrene – Major Trade Trends in 2014

ITP’s analysis of global trade in polystyrene indicates a 4% drop in the volume of general purpose polystyrene traded in 2014 versus 2013, to 3.3 million tons, and, a 2% increase in the volume of expandable polystyrene traded, to 2.2 million tons. Trends in global trade volume generally indicate trends in global demand.

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Update on US Polymer Exports – Mostly Down

Through September 2014, US exports of polyolefins, styrenics and PVC have either declined versus the prior year or been unchanged, despite the positive effects of increased US shale gas production on energy and feedstocks. Continue reading