Latest Trade Projections for 2015

Trade indicates trends in global demand. Increased trade volume generally indicates growth in demand; decreased trade volume indicates contraction.

International Trader Publications’ latest projections for global trade volume for year end 2015 versus 2014 include:

Up 4% to 10%: HDPE, propylene copolymers, ethylene copolymers, EVA, ethylene monomer, propylene monomer and isopropanol
Up 1% to 3%: LDPE, LLDPE, polypropylene, PET, polyacetals, MEG, DEG, styrene and EDC
Unchanged: ABS, VCM, PSX, SAN and MEK
Down 2% to 6%: general purpose PS, polycarbonates, uncompounded PVC, PMMA polymer and PMMA sheet

From: International Trader Publications’ World Trade Reports