Russia’s Exports of Polyolefins to Western and Eastern Europe

Russia exports more than twice as much ethylene and propylene polymers to other Eastern European countries than it does to Western Europe. Turkey and Poland are the top two destinations in Eastern Europe. Flows to Poland, other EU countries within Eastern Europe, and the Ukraine are most likely to be affected by the war in Ukraine.

In 2021, Russia exported 116,000 tons of ethylene polymers to Western European countries, and 328,000 tons to other countries in Eastern Europe. Turkey was the destination for 104,000 tons, Poland, 63,000 tons, Ukraine, 45,000 tons, with Lithuania, Belarus and others making up the balance.

Russia’s exports of propylene polymers, mostly homopolymer, were substantially larger, with 196,000 tons going to Western Europe in 2021 and 524,000 tons to other Eastern European countries. Turkey was shipped 186,000 tons, Poland, 136,000 tons, Belarus 103,000 tons, Ukraine, 40,000 tons, others, the remainder.

From International Trader Publications World Trade Analyses on all grades of polyethylene and polypropylene.