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China’s Ban on Plastic Bags Likely to Impact Imports of Polymers and Exports of PE Bags

By the end of 2020, China will ban plastic bags in major cities and, by 2022, country-wide. China is the world’s largest importer of the polyethylene used to manufacture bags, in addition to producing large volumes of polyethylene domestically. China exports large volumes of polyethylene bags.

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US Imported Record Volumes of Fabricated Plastic Products in 2017

Imports of fabricated plastic products that can be specifically identified by polymer were 3.5 million tons in 2017, up 17%. (Much larger volumes of fabricated products are imported as mixtures of polymers.) Imports were at record high levels for most of the year, including through the fourth quarter.

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Polyethylene Bags, Sacks and Cones: Current Global Trade Trends

In 2014, global trade in fabricated products made from polyethylene into bags, sacks and cones totaled 3.7 million tons, up 1% from the prior year. Trade volume through June of 2015 was also up 1% from last year, based on reporting countries. Global trade volume is an indicator of global demand.

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