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Small Drop in China’s Tariffs on Polymer Imports from US

As of February 14, 2020, China will knock 2.5% off the punitive tariffs applied on imports of many polymers from the US. Most of the tariffs have been in effect since 2018.

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China’s Ban on Plastic Bags Likely to Impact Imports of Polymers and Exports of PE Bags

By the end of 2020, China will ban plastic bags in major cities and, by 2022, country-wide. China is the world’s largest importer of the polyethylene used to manufacture bags, in addition to producing large volumes of polyethylene domestically. China exports large volumes of polyethylene bags.

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Tariffs Impact US Imports of Plastic Products from China

On August 23rd, the US imposed tariffs of 25% on imports of a number of fabricated plastic products from China, including film/sheet from PE and PP, tubes/pipes from PE and PP and monofilament from PE. US imports from China of all these products except PE film/sheet were down in August versus July.

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