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Trends in Polyethylene Exports and Imports by Region from 2018 to 2022

Much higher exports out of North America and flat exports out of the Middle East were evident from a comparison of regional exports from 2018 through 2022. On the import side, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America saw steady growth in imports.

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China’s Demand for PE and PP Imports Dropped in April, 2021; Exports of PVC Continued at Record Levels

After a moderate rebound in imports in March, following the Chinese New Year Holiday, imports into China fell substantially in April. China exported extremely high volumes of PVC in both March and April.

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Surge in China’s Polyethylene Imports in November as Recycle PE Imports Drop

China’s polyethylene imports rebounded strongly in November 2017. This followed a relatively small holiday-related decline in October, versus previous years.  Imports of recycle polyethylene continued trending downward, to their lowest monthly volume in the 2013-2017 period.

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