Tariffs Impact US Imports of Plastic Products from China

On August 23rd, the US imposed tariffs of 25% on imports of a number of fabricated plastic products from China, including film/sheet from PE and PP, tubes/pipes from PE and PP and monofilament from PE. US imports from China of all these products except PE film/sheet were down in August versus July.

US imports from China of all of the above named products except PE film/sheet are less than 2000 tons per month, and imports from China did decline in August versus July.

US imports of PE film/sheet from China, which average about 6000 tons per month, were largely unchanged in August from the prior month.

September, the next full month during which tariffs apply, will likely see further declines.

From International Trader Publications’: US Polymer Trade Report, a monthly online publication analyzing US imports and exports of all commodity polymers, recycle polymers and major fabricated plastic products.