US Exports of Polyethylene Continue at Record Levels in September

US exports of ethylene polymers soared to an all-time high of 653,315 tons in September, 2018, despite tariffs of 25% imposed by China on HDPE, EAOC and EVA from the US.

US exports to China during September, 35,000 tons, were down from August’s volume of 62,000 tons. However, exports to many other countries rose, including Belgium, Brazil, Vietnam and Singapore, which accounted for the new monthly record.

The sizable volumes still going to China in September may reflect a certain base level of shipments to free trade zones, or, of specialty grades.  October data will clarify.

From International Trader Publications’: The United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly publication on US imports/exports of commodity polymers, recycle polymers and fabricated plastic products.