Western Europe Exports to Russia More of Most Major Polymers than it Imports from Russia, with the Exception of Polypropylene.

Western Europe’s polymer trade with Russia, particularly in polyolefins, styrenic polymers and PVC, will be impacted by sanctions and broken supply chains from the war in Ukraine.

These are the volumes of major polymers traded between Western Europe and Russia in 2021:

Western Europe exports sizable volumes of ethylene polymers in a variety of grades to Russia. Imports from Russia are mainly HDPE.

Western Europe’s exports of propylene polymers to Russia are mainly propylene copolymers; larger volume imports from Russia are mainly homopolymer.

Styrenic polymer exports to Russia are mainly general purpose polystyrene with smaller volumes of expandable PS and ABS.

From International Trader Publications World Trade Analyses and Matrix Projections for yearend 2021.