Monthly Archives: March 2020

Sharp Drop in Polyethylene Exports From Singapore and Korea to China in February 2020

Exports of ethylene polymers to China accounted for more than half of Singapore’s and Korea’s total exports in 2019 but shipments to China from both countries plummeted in January, and, especially, in February, the most current month available.

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United States Exports of PE Trended Higher in January 2020

After slowing in November, 2019, US exports of ethylene polymers climbed in both December and January 2020. Little impact on volumes and prices from the corona virus is expected in US export statistics for February, with March and following months affected more severely.

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Huge Increases in Western Europe’s Imports of Ethylene and Propylene in 2019 from North America, Latin America and Middle East

Imports of ethylene into Western Europe increased by over 200% in 2019 versus 2018, and imports of propylene jumped 70%, based on latest statistics from reporting countries.

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