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Unprecedented Imports of PMMA Film/Sheet Globally

The need for PMMA film and sheet in personal protective equipment resulted in a stunning surge in imports into countries all over the globe during the April – August 2020 period, and also record exports from several.

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Record Exports of Polymers from China

An important trend since March 2016 has been record exports of polymers from China. Exports of PVC surged in March and continued high through August, as did exports of PET. Shipments of polyolefins were heavy from March through June/July, but slowed in August.

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PVC Sheets and Other Flat Products: Current Global Trade Trends

Nearly 800,000 tons of sheet and other flat products (film, foil and strip) made from PVC were traded globally in 2014, up 3% from the prior year. Trade volume through June of 2015 was down 3%, based on reporting countries. Global trade volume is an indicator of global demand.

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