US Imports of ABS, SAN, Expandable PS and PET Surged to Record Highs in March, 2022, Despite Continued High Prices

Imports of ABS and PET through first quarter 2022 were roughly 50% higher than during first quarter 2021.

Reflecting strong demand, US imports in the first quarter of 2022 were: ABS, 64,000 tons, up 48%; SAN, 5,000 tons, up 22%; PSX, 57,000 tons, up 4%; and PET (bottle grade), 435,000 tons, up 47%.

Average prices for all four polymers soared early in 2021 and continued strong through first quarter 2022, with prices of PSX and PET hitting new highs during that quarter.

US imports of bottle-grade PET in March by source, with average PPT, volume March YTD, with percent change from the prior year, and graphs showing the upward trend in both monthly import volume and average PPT are shown below:

From International Trader Publications United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly report analyzing US imports and exports of all polymer grades of PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, recyclable polymers, and fabricated plastic products.